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Here at Vision51, all we do is search engine optimisation. We use incredibly safe and reliable, white-hat SEO techniques to yield great results. Our goal is to create lasting results for your business to give you a return on your investment for years to come. Our Bath SEO team are experts at creating tailored SEO strategies for our clients. If you want to see your business rank above your competitors in the search engines, then contact us today.

What We Do:

As a result of our great white-hat link building techniques, Vision51 now supplies link building services to other SEO agencies in the UK and USA. Our link building services are 100% manual and done by a real SEO expert. Our blogger outreach links are incredibly powerful, create real authority for your website, and can be the winning tool in even the toughest of niches. You can choose the domain authority of the link placement, and we have links to suit all budgets and keyword difficulties – if you need advice just send us a message. All of our outreach links are placed on websites that are relevant to your niche, to create real and relevant authority which Google loves! You will get a white-labelled full report of link placements. Likewise, we supply 100% manually created local citations. These are the core foundation of any local SEO strategy. You will get a white-labelled full report of the citations that have been built with all of the login details provided.

If you would prefer us to take care of all the off-page SEO for your clients, look at our monthly link building service. It’s incredibly powerful, 100% white-hat, and loved by clients. For multiple packages, talk to us about discounted rates. We take care of everything, including link building strategy, all you have to do is show your clients the great links you have got them each month.

Our link building is 100% white-hat and creates lasting results. Our expert SEO experts in Bath will create link placements to your website, that are relevant to your business. The links are gained through blogger outreach, which is completely natural to Google, and gives your website the links that Google loves! You’ll get a full report of links we place for you. We also provide local citations that are fully manually submitted and great for boosting local search rankings.

If you want us to completely take care of your link building, the look at our monthly link building packages. These packages are incredibly powerful, and clients will have a fully bespoke approach to their link building. The bespoke strategy is created by an in-house SEO expert, and we take care of all of the anchor text placement. To ensure you are happy with what we are doing, each month you will get a full report of link placements. Furthermore, you’ll get a ranking report included to keep track of the results. There is never any contract, so you are not tied in.

If you are a competent SEO yourself and just need some link building for your website, then look at our blogger outreach link building. It is 100% genuine and links are gained through real outreach. You choose for yourself the DA and the anchor text/URL. You get a full link placement report included.

Full-service client SEO means we take care of everything you need to rank highly in the search engines. Your website will be fully optimised on an ongoing basis, you will receive incredible backlinks, expert consultation, full support, full link building reports, and complete monthly tracking reports. We can help you be seen before your competitors, and get results that last. Our strategy is completely white-hat, meaning it is safe and will last forever. We don’t just keep up to date on Google updates, we stay ahead of them – your website will already be perfectly in tune with the search engines. Search engine optimisation is incredibly cost-effective, especially when compared to pay-per-click advertising. Investing in our white-hat SEO services is a great way to increase traffic to your website, and get more revenue for your business.

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Does your business need more customers?

Every business could use more customers. Our full-service client SEO will help you get more traffic to your website. We do so by increasing your visibility in the search engines through the process of search engine optimisation. Our techniques are completely white-hat, meaning they are safe, long-lasting, and appear completely natural. Every client is different, so we create a fully tailored strategy for each business we work with – this allows us to deliver great results for your business. Our full-service SEO includes in-depth keyword analysis, complete off-page optimisation (link building, local citations, social signals, and more), complete on-page optimisation, expert consultation, monthly link placement reports, and monthly ranking reports. We take care of everything you need to rank highly in the search engines. 

  • 100% White-hat techniques

  • Expert in-house SEO’s

  • No contracts

  • More cost-effective than PPC

  • Full report of link placements

  • Fully tailored packages

We’re based in Bath, a small city in the South West of England, and provide SEO to clients in the UK and USA.

Sick of wasting money on PPC? Our powerful link building will give you the organic rankings you need

SEO VS PPC: Why SEO is the Smart Choice

SEO (search engine optimisation) is to optimise your website to rank higher in the organic search results.

PPC (pay-per-click) is to pay to have your website listed in the ad-content in the search results. Each time someone clicks your listing, you pay.

Both SEO and PPC have one mutual goal, to get your business in front of search traffic (people looking for your product/service). Research has shown that someone using a search engine is over 8 times as likely to click on a listing from the organic search results – those results that can only be achieved by a well-optimised website. This is because people realise the difference between the organic results and the paid ad-content and because people tend to avoid advertising, they generally prefer to look through the organic results. Beyond just being more attractive to search traffic, organic rankings appear more credible than paid ads, as typically users tend to be sceptical of advertisements, and will place more trust with the business that is organically in a high ranking position.

Businesses choose PPC for the quick results it can provide. Whilst SEO does take more time to start working, it doesn’t take long for it to be much more cost-effective than PPC, and begin saving you a huge amount on your PPC spend.  Through SEO, your business will rank highly in the organic search results for a vast array of keywords without any need to spend money on PPC advertising. At which point you are no longer reliant on paying for each and every click you receive, which in many niches can be over £50 a click. Furthermore, because users are less sceptical of the organic search results, your business will appear more credible. At Vision51, we believe that SEO is at least 5 times as cost-effective as PPC. Meaning if your current monthly ad-spend on PPC advertising is £10k, you could be achieving the same results with less than £2k a month in SEO. To make it even better, in the long run, once your website is established at the top of the search results, you need for SEO will decrease and you’ll be able to drop down to a lower price monthly SEO package, saving even more money.

For the many businesses that just need link building services for their SEO, we supply white-hat links of a cost-effective monthly plan

SEO 101

SEO is search engine optimisation. It’s the process of making your website appear higher in the organic search results in search engines such as Google. The organic results are those that are non-paid, as opposed to pay-per-click results which costs you money each time a user clicks your link. We optimise a website in order to let the search engine know what the website or webpage is about. The search engine crawls your website for information to discover what your site is about, and which other websites are pointing links at your website. So put very simply, there are 2 aspects to search engine optimisation – (1) on-page and (2) off-page. On-page is stuff like titles, text content, media. Off-page is all about what other websites have links that point to your website, and through which anchor text they link. Anchor text is the text that forms the hyperlink on the linking website and is very important. Also very important is the strength of the website(s) linking your website. Link building is probably the most challenging aspect of the process.

The goal is to optimise these factors to make the search engine view your website as the perfect answer to a certain query entered into the search engine. This query is termed the keyword. Keywords are the most important aspect. More specifically, choosing good keywords. A good keyword is one that is worth a lot of value to your business. Ranking in first place for a term that is a product or service that you sell and that is very profitable for your business, is a very valuable keyword. If your rank for a keyword that will not bring in any revenue for your business is a bad keyword to rank for. The process of choosing good keywords to try and rank for is called keyword analysis (it’s something we’re very good at).

So, (again this is being put very simply) SEO is to choose a keyword(s), then optimise the content on the website (on-page), and optimise the links built to your website (off-page).

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